Why an open letter?

The intention of this letter is to allow proud alumni of Indiana University Bloomington to send a message to the administration with the best interest of the IU community at heart. The working conditions of graduate student workers directly impact the academic quality of the programs at IU as well as the research output of the University. With over 1,100 graduate student workers expected to participate in a Campus-wide strike, it is clear that this effort is both serious and worthy of attention. A lot of good can come from allowing graduate student workers to advocate for better working conditions and holding the best interests of graduate student workers as a value of the IU community.

If you want to share your support in this letter to the IU Provost and President, please consider signing on to the letter and optionally pledging to stop donations to the University.

As signatories of this letter, we are making our voices heard in a good faith effort to prompt the Administration to reconsider their position and respect the graduate student workers’ right to freely decide if unionizing is in their best interest.

If you support the right of IUB graduate student workers to form a union and their choice to strike, and you are disappointed in the Administration's adamant refusal to recognize that right, please consider signing this open letter to the Administration.

You may also opt to withhold donations to the University until the Administration agrees to negotiate in good faith. We encourage you to consider redirecting any donations you might have otherwise made to the IGWC-UE Strike Fund.

Please direct questions and media inqueries to iubalumni4grads@gmail.com.

Justin Vasel, PhD

Justin graduated from IUB with a PhD in Physics in 2021.

During his time at IUB, Justin served as a GPSG representative in 2013-2014 and as GPSG Vice President in 2014-2015.

Fernanda Psihas, PhD

Fernanda graduated from IUB with a PhD in Physics in 2018.

During her time at IUB, Fernanda served as a graduate student representative on the Bloomington Faculty Council Research Affairs Committee.

IUB Alumni for Graduate Student Workers